In 1952 Faliero and Alfredo Manciati took over an old mill in south Feliciano that was renowned since 1890,
for the processing of olives from the hills around lake Trasimeno. By selecting particularly suited olive groves, they dedicated special care and attention to the cultivation,
ripening and harvesting of the olives in relation to the different microclimates that distinguish quality.









In the mid seventies, they were the first in Italy to pioneer oil production using the traditionalcold grinding method, producing small and special lots with distinctive packaging: the San Feliciano
in 1976, the Monte del Lago in 1979, the Affiorato in 1983, the D.O.P Umbria in 1999 and the monocultivar Mastroleario in 2002. The superior quality of their products and the noble land of origin, Umbria and the hills of Trasimeno are responsible for the renaissance of the extra virgin olive oil for which they have become the symbol. Thus, their extra virgin olive oils feature in the best speciality food and wine shops and in the most prestigious restaurants all ove
r the world